Scott Geib is an award-winning photographer who shoots colorful coastal scenes and also prints some in black and white, as well. He’s captured iconic shots of the Cape Hatteras Lighhouse with a full moon, stunning waterfowl including ospreys and vibrant sunrises over the sea.

Geib is in love with the coast and especially Cape Hatteras. His love is interpreted through the lens with the end result being art that allows viewers to take a piece of the coast home with them.

He calls his approach “living in the moment.” This photographer has the patience to wait and return over and over to a scene just to capture the right picture. As a self-taught artist coming to his craft later in life – late thirties - he works in an intuitive fashion. One look at the lush color, lighting and strong compositions found in his work, not to speak of his subject matter, show that he has keen instincts, and his love for his environment shines like a beacon.

Geib naturally works on location.  His work is produced as prints, on metal and other objects. It can be found in a number of Outer Banks galleries including Sandcastles and The Gaskins Gallery in Avon and Island Artworks in Ocracoke. He is available by phone, (252) 996-0286. You can visit him at His work is available year round.

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