It’s a showcase for clay art as well as a wide variety of gifts, art and crafts. Artist and shop owner, Antointette Gaskins Mattingly features her stunning ceramic wall art here that is coast and nature inspired. This is her studio as well!  Shop for handcrafted textiles including aprons and girl’s dresses, jewelry, paintings and prints, soap and home décor along with the decorative and functional clay art.

Mattingly is passionate about her medium and appreciates the giving quality of clay. The color, texture and movement of nature inspire her. All these characteristics come together to create a wide variety of crafts including wall tiles. She creates floral and nautical tiles that are cheerful and brightly colored. The glazes appear luminescent. Choose from sand dollars, sea stars, crabs, shells, seahorses, fish and mermaids. Flower loves will appreciate how she immortalizes in clay images of trumpet vines, sunflowers, begonias, gaillardia, Gerber daisies and wisteria.

If you are looking for functional pottery, choose from an array of white stoneware mugs, plates, bowls, cups, and chalices. How about decorating your Christmas tree with clay ornaments or simply hang them around the house? Again, nature is her inspiration as she fashions turtle, beetle, dragonfly, fish and crab ornaments.  Mattingly’s work is popular nationwide. Visitors to the Outer Banks have the unique opportunity to meet her in her working studio.  Before you leave the shop, ask about her Hatteras Cat treats. This is a fish-only product for your beloved felines! 

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