Visitors in the need of a little action-packed fun can head to the tri-villages’ newest destination for entertainment, Highway 12 Amusements. Officially opening in 2017, this expansive indoor amusement center has a variety of games and attractions to keep visitors fully engrossed and active all day long.

Highway 12 Amusements has a wide range of activities to cater to visitors of all ages and interests. The core of the site features an extensive laser tag arena with an urban warfare theme, which will thrill fun-seekers of all varieties. Highway 12 Amusements also has a small on-site bowling alley, an arcade that’s stocked with classic and modern video games, and a giant rock climbing wall on the exterior of the building that lights up in a rainbow of colors at night. In addition, the facilities also feature a mini-golf course, which is located on the edge of the Pamlico Sound, and which offers plenty of gorgeous views – especially around sunset. From getting active at the laser tag arena, to enjoying an afternoon of fun arcade games, there’s truly plenty of options when it comes to entertainment at Highway 12 Amusements, which makes it the perfect destination for both kids and adults on the occasional rainy day.

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