All Decked Out and craftsman Dale Cashman have been making outdoor wood furniture for nearly thirty years. Quality is and has always been the business’s top priority.   Cashman handpicks all the cedar to craft a number of outdoor furniture pieces including chairs, chaises, tables, picnic tables, planters and more. After choosing just the right wood, the pieces are planed and cut and hand sanded with all beveled and rounded edges to keep things smooth!

Durability comes into play as they use brass, hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel hardware. You will not find any nails or staples in their furniture – a sign of good craftsmanship!  Vacationers do not have to hire a U-Haul for the furniture is shipped to you. And yes, it does come with easy directions. The furniture is unfinished, and that’s ok, for cedar requires no finish unless you live in an area that ahs severe winter weather. You can coat it with water repellent, if that is the case.

The designs are simple, straightforward and handsome, fitting well with the straightforward policy of durability and quality. You can shop online if it is more convenient. The shop is open year round.

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